SCI FI NIGHTS official release party!

SCI FI NIGHTS, a collection of science fiction romance novellas, is out now so we’re celebrating!



Come join us — me, Cathryn Cade, Calinda B, Bianca D’Arc, and Mina Carter — for our Facebook Launch Party with the Book Nymph Tuesday, Aug. 19, from 5-7 pm Eastern (2-4 pm Pacific). Click here for my favorite time convert if you are from some place further afield.

starry-night-earrings-smlWe’ll have books to giveaway from our other series, book store gift cards, and a pair of my “Starry Sci Fi Nights” earrings! Plus we’ll be talking about our favorite thing — books! — and generally being silly. So, please, come join us.

Click here to jump in:

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Can’t wait to see you tomorrow! Meanwhile, happy reading!

Summer at the Oregon coast

Been away for a few days for a family trip to the beach. It was wonderful: a little windy at times — by “a little”, I mean sandblasting, but the southern Oregon coast is wild and scenic, which means bring a jacket — and it was beautifully sunny.

Did a little hiking, a little tidepooling, a little rock collecting. Monster Girl was completely wiped out, and so was I. All that fresh air!  I love summer.

Birthday hike

Took the day off work yesterday to celebrate my birthday and wander the woods with XY and Monster Girl. It was a beautiful day with perfect walking weather. The woods smelled of pine and moss and coooold mountain water. Ate frosted birthday cookies that only got a little smashed in my backpack. Had an afternoon nap beside the stream. Pretty much ideal for a happy, happy day.

Happy Birthday to me!



It’s my birthday and I’ll eat cake if I want to, eat cake if I want to…

Writer friend Maggie Jaimeson recently had her birthday and wrote a wonderful post on wisdom. I mostly want cake. And ice cream. Possibly with chocolate syrup.

If I could also have world peace, an end to wildfires in the West, and a truly clean source of renewable energy, that’d be lovely too. But I’ll probably settle for a book-buying binge later today.

If you have any suggestions for reading indulgences, share in comments. I do require happy endings, please. I have a gift card so I can go wild :)