I try not to get too political in my online life. I save it for inflicting upon my real-life peeps so I can enjoy their frothing in person. (Although since my conservative Republican MomMom died I haven’t had enough rousing discussions. Sigh. I don’t get disowned nearly as often anymore. I miss it.) But I will say this to you all… VOTE!

I know it can be hard and exasperating to vote. It’s especially hard for those who already are the faintest voices, which is so patently unfair I can’t even. For the rest of us, I know it might seem pointless and sometimes contradictory to the message many of us want to send to the elected officials we think don’t adequately represent us.

Whatever. VOTE!

Vote because it’s your civic duty as the citizen of an ostensible democracy. Vote because other people don’t get to. Vote because you want to make a change. Or maybe you want to keep something the same. Vote because you are young and idealistic. Vote because you are old and disgruntled. Vote because if you don’t, I refuse to listen to you bitch. Just VOTE!

I’m a writer, so of course I believe in the power of a single voice to make a difference. But even if you don’t believe the same, if you vote for no other reason, do it for this: “THEY” don’t want you to vote. The nefarious forces at work in our society (and they do exist) are only strengthened by apathy and hopelessness. Even if you don’t think YOUR vote matters, VOTING matters. So VOTE!

End of summer dog walk

Went for a dog walk at the Sandy River Delta yesterday. It started out as a gusty day with clear blue skies, but in the afternoon, a nearby fire turned the sun and water orange and left a still haze over the sky.

Monster Girl got to jump around in the water. The river was too shallow to swim; we were even able to wade out to an island we usually only admire from shore. Maybe it’s time for the rains to return. But we’ll enjoy the last days of summer while we can.

Summer at the Oregon coast

Been away for a few days for a family trip to the beach. It was wonderful: a little windy at times — by “a little”, I mean sandblasting, but the southern Oregon coast is wild and scenic, which means bring a jacket — and it was beautifully sunny.

Did a little hiking, a little tidepooling, a little rock collecting. Monster Girl was completely wiped out, and so was I. All that fresh air!  I love summer.

Birthday hike

Took the day off work yesterday to celebrate my birthday and wander the woods with XY and Monster Girl. It was a beautiful day with perfect walking weather. The woods smelled of pine and moss and coooold mountain water. Ate frosted birthday cookies that only got a little smashed in my backpack. Had an afternoon nap beside the stream. Pretty much ideal for a happy, happy day.