To know me…

As I peruse blogs around the world to learn what people had for breakfast and what their cats had for breakfast, I wonder if the kings and priests of eld would be bummed.  They were the first to get to record their lives and triumphs, etched clay and stone tablets.

“Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!” 

btw i 8 dbl choco chip cookez 4 brkfst lol


4 thoughts on “To know me…

  1. Love your blog,sweetie! The Romans had hamburgers…no lie! Bread with a ground mixture of meat (goat, sheep, cow, etc.) and spices. So do not feel too remorse for their plight…hell, they ate better than we do! And I LOVE choco chip cookies for b-fast…especially with coffee. Yum! M:)( – I’ll add this to my Hang Outs!)

  2. “8 dbl choco chip cookez 4 brkfst”
    LOL. That beats my oatmeal cookie piled with blueberries — I figured oatmeal = good grain and blueberries = antioxidants. And clay/stone tablets (although labor intensive) certainly are more durable for such profound words than 18lb paper stock.

  3. My sweetie has a bad habit of sneaking into my office if I’ve left my computer on and typing a last line of perverted dialogue from my characters. Usually (hopefully!) I catch it at the start of my next writing session and delete. But can you imagine how pissed the chiseler would be by such antics? “Man, now I gotta quarry another hunk of granite…”

  4. Chocolate chip cookies are good, but chocolate cake would have been better. Unfortunately, I was a waffles & yogurt girl. And I don’t let my sweetie anywhere near my open manuscript files. Not since the ‘throbbing love rocket launched’ incident.


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