Written vs. visual stories

Having just been over at Smart Bitches Trashy Books to see the new Sherrilyn Kenyon book trailer, I am intrigued by the melding of typographical and live action media.  With the continual morphing of e-book technology (like the expanded e-books with links, etc. in the body of the text), will the next stage be “books” that are half typed — for example, the introspection & internal monologues that are the hallmarks of romance — and half live action?  I’m picturing maybe 3-D modeling of my hero’s firmly muscled abs…


2 thoughts on “Written vs. visual stories

  1. When I read an ebook, I’ve already given up tactile interaction with the physical book. I can’t turn the page or — with any ease — glance back a few pages to refresh my memory. What I’m not ready to give up is the fun of my mental interaction with the written text. I like coming up with my own interpretation of the author’s descriptions of characters looks, voices, actions etc. I want to be the cinematographer of the stories I read.

  2. Ah, yes, the imagination. You’re right; it’s interesting that so many of the new media for stories remove that aspect of storytelling. Wow. I wonder how that’s changing stories and stoyrtelling when people are spoonfed the visual (and presumably one day when, God willing, smell-o-vision is pefected, all the other sense-o-visions) along with the conceptual.

    I was thinking mostly of the way that expanded e-texts allow the reader to chose their own adventure in ways that having nothing to do with the STORY anymore. That means I’ve lost control as the storyteller. And I’m a control freak!


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