My birthday

Yesterday was my number redacted birthday.  Every year on my birthday, I pull a holy cross spread from my mythic tarot deck.  My deck is based on Greek mythology which I loved as a child so the stories and symbolism are deep in my psyche.  Over the years, a recurrent image in my spreads is the Hanged Man.  In my deck, the Hanged Man is represented by Prometheus, bound to a rock while a vulture tears out his liver.  Endlessly.  Yeah, the story of my life. 

Since I have finally — finally! — sold a book, I thought surely my hanging days were over.  Not so.  In the final position of my holy cross, guess who shows up?  While I realize my book doesn’t come out until November 2009, I don’t think of that time as waiting (much).  I am too busy to call this waiting.

But the Hanged Man is also about sacrifice for a greater reward.  I guess that still applies.  Probably forever.  So here’s my liver, vulture-world.  Feast away.

P.S.  Leave a comment along with a quick recap of an issue burning holes in your liver and I’ll do an amateur three-card action draw for you and post it here.


11 thoughts on “My birthday

  1. You want to know what’s burning holes in my liver? The house we spent $$$ fixing up to sell suffered a plumbing leak last week and is being torn up and dried out as I type. So now I get to fix it up again. This isn’t helping the place sell.

  2. Hi we commented the other day in lj. Prophet1. Just visiting and saying hello. Invite me over for tea and tim tams. Thanks for the comment. Pull three cards for me. Query letter, synopsis, proposal. Rewrite, rewrite, rewrite, … sigh. Happy birthday, Simon.

  3. Deb, a house full of water… Hmm, which rooms? I’ve read about a technique that’s like a combination of feng shui and phrenology (the mystical reading of bumps on the skull) that identifies YOUR problems based on things that go wrong around you. I’ll see what I can find after I pull your action cards.

    As I mentioned, my cards are based on Greek mythology, so each card embodies a character or story from the Greek pantheon. I use cards to help myself focus on where my energy needs to be right now.

    Page of Cups (Narcissus): Now is the time to nurture tender new feelings, including love of self.

    King of Wands (King Theseus of Athens): Inspire others with the power of your vision.

    King of Cups (Orpheus): Physician, heal thyself. Beware of helping everyone around you while cheating yourself.

    Some powerful male-energy cards in the kings, all in the female realms of emotion and creativity. You have some interesting balancing to do in the days ahead. Good luck!

  4. Prophet1/Simon, I’ve read your samples. Your holy trinity is “right person, right project, right time.” Once those align… But let’s see what the cards say:

    The Emperor (Zeus): Manifest your destiny. Formulate & concretize. This is beyond ideas & ideals to the embodiment of those abstracts.

    Five of Swords (Orestes faces the god Apollo): Ask yourself if you’ve taken on too much somewhere in your life.

    The Tower (the fall of Minos’ Labyrinth): Break down existing forms.

    These are very physical, even martial images. Could these be saying attack? Something to contemplate as you revise.

  5. As you said, the Hanged Man also symbolizes sacrifice for a greater reward. Many congratulations to you on your upcoming book! The date seems so far off but when the book finally arrives, it’s a rush like no other.

    My issue right now is trying to find a job that pays the bills until writing does *LOL*

    Thank you for the reading.

    Carpe Noctem,

  6. Des, I feel your pain as I sit here at my day job which takes a lot of time and BARELY pays the bills. On the plus side, it has a super-fast internet connection.

    Queen of Swords (Queen Atalanta): Consider the rewards & dangers of high ideals & perfectionism.

    The Sun (Apollo): Arm yourself with foresight, purpose & faith, and advance on your goal.

    Five of Pentacles (symbolized by Daedalus’ flight from Athens): In matters of material security, let go and prepare to try again. Duh. Don’t you hate it when the cards tell you something you already know?

    The cool (Queen of Swords) & hot (Sun) split is interesting (and promising, since I like it when multiple forces are brought to bear on a problem) but both imply intellectual clarity instead of emotionalism will be your friend in this decision. Let us know how it goes.

  7. Hi Jessa,
    First of all, Happy (belated) Birthday.

    Secondly, thank you for friending me over at MySpace.

    And thirdly: Oh goody, someone who knows about tarot cards. The novel I’m currently editing has a late 16th century character who reads tarot.

    Would you mind if I picked your brain about tarot cards when I get to her scene?

    That’s gotta be better than picking your liver–which I would never do. Honest.

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday, and congrats on your new book!

  8. Hi, Maria. I’m still milking my birthday season. (Good through September.) I’d be glad to help with the tarot scene, although I’m a novice at best since I haven’t found a way to get the cards to tell me the winning lottery numbers. I have the dog working on it now. (Hey, she got me a call from NY, so she’s pretty good.)

    You didn’t pose a particular problem for your action draw, so I’ll pose the perennial question of editing, which is: “When is enough enough?”

    10 of Cups (Embodied in the raising of Psyche to the realm of the gods with her husband Eros): Face challenges with humility & honesty to achieve a state of permanence.

    The Tower (the fall of Minos’ Labyrinth): Break down existing forms. Simon drew this card too; I wonder if storytellers have a particular destiny to break free — and to break others free. Coming between the cards of The Devil (base shadow) & The Star (hope), this card is definitely a necessary transition.

    The Magician (Hermes, patron of liars — storytellers!): Channel your insight & intuition.

    All powerful cards. Good luck with the edits & ping me when you have need.

  9. Interesting that birthdays seem to either elate or depress. Maybe it is the self rejection we give ourselves trying to live for others self esteem when we need to look with in ourselves for our own good.

    My penance is self esteem. I was never good enough as a child. I struggle to be better than average when I am only average. If I recognize that in myself will I become better hummmmmmm a paradox.

  10. PeanutGallery, if you struggle at anything, by definition you are above average. In my observation, most people don’t struggle and instead are content with the status quo, for good or ill. Some might call that practicality, and I suppose they aren’t actually wrong.

    How to face a paradox:

    Justice (Athena): Athena was a goddess of the mind, representing balanced thought & impartial decision making. The dark aspect of her is the chilly idealism that stunts growth.

    Page of Pentacles (Triptolemus, the only witness to Hades’ abduction of Persephone): Gather together your energy for future projects. That which seems insignificant now will bear fruit later.

    The Moon (Hecate): We are in the grip of the unconscious, that which is fertile yet unformed. This card doesn’t so much call for action as for patience and a respect for the fallow time.

    Speaking of paradoxes, I can’t image Athena & Hecate were particularly good friends. The sword of the intellect and the still reflection that is the moon… Hmm, maybe they would find some common ground.


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