She shrugged redux & reduced

Having made one complete pass through the manuscript for shruggings, I have deleted a total of 60.  Yeah, 60.  Lest that seem unnecessarily harsh, let me assure you, I kept 29 shruggings.  Approximately one-third of the shruggings I was able to delete without qualm since the emotion I was attempting to convey with the shrugging (dismissal, confusion, etc.) was adequately expressed in the very next line, usually dialogue. The next third of the shruggings had to be a replaced with another tag.  The remaining third of shruggings served not discernible purpose whatsoever.

On my next pass, I will delete all the snortings I used to replace all the shruggings since my characters apparently suffer from at least a few mild symptoms of Tourette’s Syndrome.  We shall call this progress.



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