OMG! No, really. OMG!

God is on MySpace!  And so is Buddha!  And JC!  Twice!  You can find links to all the Good Old Boys through here

Probably you knew this already, but I’m a MySpace, Facebook, social networking newbie.  What’s newer than a newbie?  A preemie, I guess.  But I’m growing up.  Come find me online at MySpace and Facebook.  Can’t ever have enough friends.  Like God.

Although apparently God only has about 16,000 friends.  But He lives in New Zealand so the time difference is probably tough.

Under His favorite books, He has posted: “I have given you your vision, a message of hope for those who choose to hear it. Now write your message on the biggest wall on Earth, so those that read it may run and tell others.”

Presupposing He doesn’t just mean the Great Wall of China, I love this sentiment.  I think artists must have a special connection with the Creative Force of the Universe.  I mean, I guess everybody thinks they have a special connection.  Still, thanks, God.



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