The act of creation

Reading through author websites, I’m intrigued by how often gardening and jewelry making come up as alternate hobbies to writing.  (Perhaps I should amend that and say “romance author websites.”  I haven’t noticed this trend among men’s adventure novelists.)  Here are some of the ways gardens, beads and writing are similar:

  • They consume inordinate amounts of time.
  • They get quickly out of control, and when they do it’s uuugli.
  • The first time around is often crap (literally, in the case of gardens).
  • In the creation process, they offer seemingly endless choices, but each choice made narrows the options until there can be only one outcome.
  • At the end (hopefully) you have a thing of beauty.

I think writing, gardening and beading all reflect the joy (and possibly the massive ego trip) of taking loose disparate parts and forming a whole, a synergistic gestalt reflective of ourselves.  From chaos comes creation.  What else could compare?


4 thoughts on “The act of creation

  1. Is it a bad sign then that I neither garden nor create jewelry? Am I destined to be a bad writer? I knew it! I’m in the wrong career. I should just quit. Go ahead and say it. Ha.

  2. I have done both as hobbies in addition to writing. Aside from the obvious of having something fresh and wholesome to eat or a thing of beauty to wear, the thing that appeals so much to me is that both are tangible. You can touch it and see the whole thing all at once, which you can’t do with a story. Even a published novel only reveals itself a page at a time. And there the near-instant gratification factor — a garden can yield a harvest in mere weeks, a jewelry project can be completed in one evening. A book takes *how* long?

  3. I thought of something… I love to cook. I’ve become a bit obsessed with it, actually, collecting random pans, recipes, and comparing ‘what I made for dinner’ with my mom and sister-in-law on a regular basis. Not exactly jewelry or gardening, but it is a creative outlet of sorts and I get to see an immediate final product.


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