I’m ready. One 2-page synopsis, one 16-page working outline, 5 pages of prewriting. Good e-freakin’-nuff. Here comes Book2!

My sweet CP noted that I precisely follow the patterns as outlined by the hee-sterical Libba Bray who exactly captures the stages of writing as a love/hate relationship.

At the time she posted, she was at the stage I have just passed out of (and by passed out, I mean passed out). She describes it thusly:

This is the part where I become convinced that I could advertise on Craig’s List for gangs of homeless gerbils to run across my keyboard in an agitated, looking-for-the-water-tube state, and they would do a better job.

But I’ve gotten over that. I’ve moved on to infatuation. Where I will happily wallow until Chapter 7. More to come on that.

Meanwhile, check out Libba’s brilliant post. (Thanks to Joey for the link.) Here’s another sample of where Libba says I am now:

I love you, book. Do you love me? Of course you do. OMG–we said that at the SAME TIME! WE ARE SO IN TUNE! This is going to be the best book ever written. Oh, whisper that again. I Pulitzer you too, honey.

What is your favorite stage of writing? And if you say revisions, I’ll come through the keyboard to scowl at you personally.



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