The allure of dark heroes

Yesterday, we launched a side project I’ve been working on. Behold:
Welcome to the inaugural posting at Silk And Shadows!  We are five authors spanning the many worlds of romance – from historical to paranormal – all with a hint of the dark side.  Please join us as we take our first step into the shadows.


Have no fear.  We walk with a dark hero by our side.


We searched a long time for him, slogging through innumerable photos of hot guys, handsome strangers and shirtless firemen – oh, the agony – to find Mr. Mystery Eyes above.  We wanted to give you a taste of who we see when we close our eyes and imagine the heroes of our darker side romances.  But who is Mr. Mystery Eyes?


Compelling.  Aloof.  Dangerous. 


As I contemplated with studiously furrowed brow all those pictures of rippling abs, my sweetie asked (with only the faintest hint of jealousy) what makes a hero dark?  I went right to the hero who awakened my budding romantic psyche: Han Solo.  Sure, Luke could bulls-eye a womp rat from his T-16, but Han had the way cooler spaceship, a better haircut and vastly snappier lines.  Yes, this choice dates me a bit.  But I’d bet on Han and his grin and his preemptive blaster against Edward Cullen or Jack Bauer any day.  Although Jack does have those intriguing scars…



Potent.  Enigmatic.  Guarded.


My dark hero is often the outsider, the feral one, wary and proud, who must be guided by a gentle hand into the light.  Dark doesn’t mean gloomy or dull.  The hard bright glitter of distant stars is in the dark hero’s eyes, even if he doesn’t captain the Millennium Falcon.  The beauty of this beast lies in the moment he falls for his woman and makes her the center of his universe for all time.  From Regency ballrooms to demon-stalked cities, the dark hero is the man you turn to when the world is going to Hell.  In some of our stories, quite literally.


The dark hero has the smart mouth and the silent stare.  The hard body and the wounded soul.  A terrible past, perilous deeds ahead, and the strength and courage to overcome, never mind the odds.  And then there’s that quietly lonely hole in his heart…


Fierce.  Deep.  Passionate.


Tell me, who is your dark hero?  (I’ll share Han.  If I must.)  Which man whets your appetite for 85% cocoa, red wine dark as rubies, and midnight walks along the wild side?


And if you want to read more about dark heroes (and who doesn’t?) visit our new blog Silk And Shadows  for weekly topics, romance news and more.



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