I am thankful…

(In no particular order, so I might refer back when I feel cranky:)

  • That my sweetie wants to skip Thanksgiving tomorrow, so I don’t have to bake and can stay home all day and read — Heaven!
  • For my contract with NAL
  • To have a loving & supportive family
  • I didn’t get that ‘real job’ I applied for — Boo reality!
  • For my healthy body that can take my dog for walks even in supremely crappy weather like tonight
  • That my 1500 words are done for the day
  • For satsumas
  • My friends are all safe and sound, at least for the moment, at least as far as I know, in this sometimes dangerous world
  • To be moving forward in several facets of my life
  • For dreams

What are you thankful for?  Write it down.  Not necessarily here, but someplace you can find it again when you have need.

Happy Thanksgiving!


One thought on “I am thankful…

  1. Lol, as someone who is currently looking for a “real job” I can certainly understand the conflict between NEEDING the job, but not WANTING the job!! Great list. We all have a lot to be thankful for. Even after Thanksgiving as I’m posting this comment …


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