What’s so funny about peace, love and understanding?

A few years ago, in my day job as a graphic designer, I created a holiday mailer for some clients.  The message was unoriginal but to the point:

“Peace on Earth ~ Good will toward men.”

One client refused the piece.  Said the message was inflammatory.  I almost choked.  Choked the client, I mean. 

So much for peace.

This time of year always gets me thinking about the Holy Land and how peace there (and everywhere — Somalia, Georgia, Washington D.C.) seems so far away.  And maybe hopeless.  We’re such violent little monkeys in our hearts.  Even in our entertainment, we seek out conflict — the more Bruckheimerly explosive the better.  As a writer, I plot endlessly with other writers to create black moments, post-coital horrors and cliffhanger scene endings.  We discuss chasing our characters up trees… and then throwing rocks at them.  Because a peacful story would be BOOOOOring.  Heck, I wouldn’t read it.

My only consolation is that I’m a romance writer.  For all the death, despair and destruction I wreak in my stories (picture raging author/Godzilla marauding through imaginary world) I will swear to you, at the end, I will give you peace, love and understanding.

At least until Book 2.




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