A friend’s fun contest (with hot guys!)

Fellow Rose City Romance Writer Elizabeth Naughton’s first book is coming out with comparisons to Indian Jones and Romancing the Stone. Could you ask for more? I think not! Plus, she has a fun (and potentially profitable) contest going on.

My sexy companion in adventure was:

Indy will forever make my heart race. That scar… Those eyes… The hat. Sigh. Will there ever be another Indy? (If you say Shia LeNotBuffEnuffForMe, we may come to fisticuffs, you and I.)  Click on Elizabeth’s contest link and go find your own adventurer. This one’s taken.


One thought on “A friend’s fun contest (with hot guys!)

  1. Ha ha ha…Indy IS a sexy beast, isn’t he? In her review, Harriet Klausner compared the hero in my book to a “modern day Han Solo/Indiana Jones rogue.” OMG…is that a lot to live up to or what?!

    I’m so glad you enjoyed the contest. And thanks for linking me up! I appreciate it!


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