Let it be resolved

(Cross posted from Silk And Shadows)

I recently heard a report about a Scientific Study on New Year’s resolutions that found 40+% of people who made resolutions were still pursuing their resolution six months later, compared to 4% of people who had stated goals that did not coincide with the annual ritual of resolutions.

There’s just something about the cleansing effects of a new year to get the hopeful juices of ambition flowing.

Whether you call it a resolution, a goal, a blood oath, whatever, the Experts suggest that including certain elements will increase the likelihood of success. These elements form the clever acronym SMART. Tragically, the Experts immediately went out and assigned multiple meanings to their clever acronym, which makes it less SMART. But it’s still usable.

A SMART resolution is:

S: specific, significant, stretching
M: measurable, meaningful, motivational
A: agreed upon, attainable, achievable, acceptable, action-oriented, accountable
R: realistic, relevant, reasonable, rewarding, results-oriented
T: time-based, timely, tangible, trackable
Those are all great suggestions — along with the ideas that you should write your resolution down and tell a friend who will hold your feet to the flames support your endeavor — but I’d like to add a few more muddying adjectives to your goal-setting.

Because I can’t get enough of adjectives.

S = Spectacular, siren, stellar
The Experts say your resolution should be sensible. Right. Because sensible gets you out of bed in the morning.

M = Machiavellian, metamorphic, menacing
Hate to say it, but you will encounter obstacles in your resolution. You will need to be clever and maybe cruel to pursue your resolution.

A = Arrogant, argent, awful
By awful, I mean awe-ful. That grand, shining, full-of-yourself awe-full-ness will light your way.

S = Silent, serpentine, singular
In the end, you make your way on your own. Friends and family can cheer you on, but you are the one with the resolution.

H = Headlong, hazardous, hellacious
This is your chance, your life. You’ll make it happen.

So, okay, yeah, I changed the mnemonic device too. Because it’s probably not SMART to think you can tackle your dreams just because you say so; but maybe you can SMASH your way there.

Where are you going in 2009? What do you have to SMASH through to get there?



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