Casting call for heroes

clive1Recently on Facebook (hey, come friend me!) I panicked about how I haven’t actually cast the hero for the book I’m halfway done writing.  I usually do a collage of magazine clippings, but I never found quite the right picture for the hero, Liam Niall.

colinI know him somewhat since he appeared in the first book.  He was described (Um, by me, I guess — Why am I using the passive voice? Damn the first draft!) as Black Irish, for which I realize there isn’t an officially agreed upon definition, but for my purposes meant something along the lines of dark haired, blue eyed and fairly rugged. dempsey1

(I know that romance bloggers on other sites have despaired of the romance novelists’ hang-up with tall, dark and handsome.   Yeah.  And I eat a lot of chocolate too.  I live the stereotype and call it destiny.  But if it lends me any cred, the hero is book three is a blonde.  He’s also kind of a jerk right now; we’ll see if he lives up to his future heroine.  Otherwise, I have ichor-tipped demon claws engraved with his name.)

firthLiam is possessed by a demon and he’s in charge of the crew of demon-slaying warriors trying to save the world, so I think it’s inevitable that he has a few worry marks on his face.  Character, we’ll call it.

gerardHe’s an old soul longing for the light.  But the demon’s possession grants him eternal agelessness and speedy healing, so he carries most of his darkness in his eyes and perhaps the set of his mouth.

quinnAnyway, here are some of the suggestions from my Facebook friend.  The funny thing about using real people — especially Hollyweird types — for inspiration, of course, is that they may come with baggage:  Bad behavior, bad hair day, good girlfriends… 

lynott(And yes, I realize that some of the suggestions from my Facebook friends are starting to wander a little far afield, but I can picture Liam looking at the heroine the way Phil Lynott here is looking at his guitar.  Passion, my friends, that’s passion.)

eduardoMy hero has his issues too (okay, I gave him his issues — mean writer) and they just don’t quite fit with anybody I’ve seen yet.  I guess that’ s why I’m exploring him, walking through his life to find out what he’s like.  Maybe we’re still “dating” and I haven’t seen the real him yet.   Maybe I’ll find the perfect picture by the time I get to the second draft.  Until then, I’ll just have to find my inspiration here.  Long-suffering sigh.



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