Cruel, sexy publisher hero!

Jessa’s Only-Books-I-Enjoyed Reviews
(Because life is too short to finish books that suck)

Laura Lee Guhrke

I’ve been on a paranormal reading kick lately (for obvious reasons) but this delightful story fell into my lap and I couldn’t have been more happily bounced back into 1890’s London.

From the author’s website:

Supremely sensible Emmaline Dove wishes to share her etiquette expertise with London’s readers, and as secretary to Viscount Marlowe, Emma knows she’s in the perfect position to make her dreams come true. Marlowe might be a rake with a preference for cancan dancers and an aversion to matrimony, but he is also the city’s leading publisher, and Emma is convinced he’s her best chance to see her work in print…until she discovers the lying scoundrel has been rejecting her manuscripts without ever reading a single page!

As a publisher, Harry finds reading etiquette books akin to slow, painful torture. Besides, he can’t believe his proper secretary has the passion to write anything worth reading. Then she has the nerve to call him a liar, and even resigns without notice, leaving his business in uproar and his honor in question. Harry decides it’s time to teach Miss Dove a few things that aren’t proper. But when he kisses her, he discovers that his former secretary has more passion and fire than he ever imagined, for one luscious taste of her lips only leaves him hungry for more…

Many of the stories I’ve been reading feature heroes and heroines who are drawn instantly to each other, knowing deep in their souls that they are destined by unspoken prophecies to link on the quantum level (don’t get me wrong, I love these stories too) so it was refreshing to find two people who thought they knew each other well… and yet didn’t comprehend a thing.  Watching the moment Harry really sees Emma for the first time is a hoot.  He does it in such a manly way — and by manly, I mean how like a man.

That Emma has issues with Harry because he keeps rejecting her writing after reading only a few pages was only a minor reason why I liked this story.  Very minor. 

AND THEN HE KISSED HER kicks off a new series about the girl-bachelors (I know, girl-bachelors, how fun!) all rooming at a London boarding house, so this is a great time to jump in.  Stories like this one are why I read romance. 

Happy sigh.



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