Wearing your passion

I stumbled upon this cool contest for a Take Me to Your Reader t-shirt. The design is just wonderful.  It made me think immediately of Ray Bradbury.  

Why Bradbury, I don’t know.  I read lots of sci-fi that would’ve been a better fit.  I haven’t even read any Bradbury in… um, a long time.   (Note to self: Get in some time with the classics.)

But something about the little hatted figure’s rap gaze, staring up in to the pages reminds me of how I felt when I was a kid and read the short story ‘The Veldt.’  It was set in a vaguely future world (no spaceships though) and had lions.

That story really clicked with me.  There was the juxtaposition of the ultra-mechanized and the utterly primitive.  The restraint and violence.  But mostly it was the way the nursery in the story was computerized to turn the children’s wishes into reality.  Of course as a kid I thought that was cool, but do you understand HOW COOL?  That what you wanted to could be made true. 

And it happens in the pages of a book.  Ah.  I got it.



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