Organic Cheesy Poofs?

Someday I will write a fantasy and have one of these beautiful maps made.I’ve been flailing in a sagging middle for some time now.  I have a 20-page outline that seemed so clever at the time, but it is not helping me now.  It’s become more like one of those obscure fantasy realm maps where mountain ranges of impossible passage are depicted thusly: ^ ^^ ^ 

Wow, you can, like, step right over those.

So I’m kinda like a plotter in that I make lists and fill out worksheets and contemplate GMC (even my XY knows Debra Dixon by heart) and create 20-page outlines.  But I have trouble trusting my maps.

fingerprintAnd yet I am not an organic writer either.  What the opposite of organic writer?  Cheesy Poof writer?  I’m a Cheesy Poof writer, often stumbling forward in a high-fructose daze, leaving strange orange finger smudges on my keyboard as the only evidence I was ever even there.

I need a 12-step program that will get me off the Cheesy Poofs and over those mountains (Caution: Mountains in mirror are larger than they appear).



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