Stupid or brave?

So I’m to that part of the story where my heroes are facing their biggest challenge.  I like to think I’ve given them stakes worth fighting for and the skills to overcome.

Actually, though, I have a sneaking suspicion (no doubt one they share) that they’d be smarter to walk away.

But they have to save the world, you say!  Yeah, yeah, saving the world.  Very Important, no doubt.  Still, they’d be smarter to give up, or at least wait until the signs are more auspicious.  Discretion being the better part of valor, and all that.

A few chapters ago, I managed to keep my heroine from running out into the dark in her underwear (not even just figuratively, I’m afraid).  The hero convinced her to stay, and ultimately she got in even more trouble, so she was in danger AND it was the hero’s fault.  Perfect in terms of story.  As a smart girl, though, she should have said, screw it, I’m out of here and never mind my pants.


Where do you think lies the dividing line between stupid and brave?

Because I think I’m facing a black night of the soul too, and I’m wondering whether I shouldn’t just run away.  (Cue Monty Python moment.)


3 thoughts on “Stupid or brave?

  1. The dividing line is what’s at risk/what can be saved if you don’t/do. Jumping into a volcano to save an ancient relic that can appease the gods and prevent an eruption that would destroy eight nearby villages and the entire ecosystem of the area for the next ten generations is brave. Jumping into a volcano because Stumpy, some drunken frat guy, said you were a fag if you didn’t is stupid.


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