From the archives

On my trip to Chicago last weekend, I took some research pictures for The Marked Souls series. 

The daylight pictures are from Chinatown where my Book 2 heroine lives.  I imagine her in the apartment under the red peaked roof.  I’d never noticed that you can see the Sears Tower from Chinatown.  It’s funny how you see different things when you are in a different (in this case, research) mindset.  Let that be a lesson to me if I ever think I can 100% believe my eyes.

The night pix are for mood.  It was cold — Chicago in February? Cold? No way! — with tiny stinging snowflakes like the ghosts of angry wasps.  Or maybe shredded scraps of wayward souls.  

It’s hard to see, but the Chinatown alley pic was tagged with ‘You go girl’ and the bridge detail shot says ‘Aim.’  The city was speaking to me, maybe.

Many thanks to my Chicago guides for the scenic tour.



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