Scary faeries

I love scary faeries. And not just because it rhymes. I’ve just always thought that something so wonderful and beautiful as a faery must also be frightening and dangerous.

Just as I’ve always loved that awful can mean terrible or full of awe.

Which is why I’m so enjoying Melissa Marr’s Rita-award winning YA, WICKED LOVELY.

Jessa’s pithy review: Scary faeries, genuine heroine facing genuine problems (funnily enough considering it’s faeries), great storytelling.

The language has just enough music to make the writer in me sigh happily, while the painful lesson of learning which rules still apply as you grow up is one any kid can relate to.

Heck, I suppose we can all relate to that one, never mind our age.

So never mind your age — hie thee to the junior fic section and enjoy this book.  (Go check out her website too; it’s wicked lovely.)



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