How a first listing on Amazon is like regaining your virginity

Apparently, revirgination is all the rage these days.

But I’m going the cheaper route — which also doesn’t involve scalpels — but just going ahead and selling a debut novel on Amazon.  Right away, you feel “touched for the very first time.”  As I mused on Facebook:

1. The world seems fresh and new.
2. You get a “promise ring.” What? You didn’t get a promise ring? Slut!
3. You have to tell everybody.
4. I’m too old to be a virgin again.
5. Okay, really, being on Amazon for the first time ISN’T like being a virgin again. My mistake.

Corey J. McKenzie added:

6. And when it doesn’t go as well as you’d imagined, you hope next time it’ll be better.

More insights as they occur.


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