Commence Kermit dancing!

I’m only done with the first draft of Book 2.  And it’s not like I find subsequent drafts any easier.  I’m one of those annoying angsty writers who moan and twist over every word.

But I think I did do a bit better on draft one of this book than I’ve done on other books.

1.  I came in short.  <br>My rough draft goal was 85K, leaving myself a few K to play with to reach my 100K final goal.  And I just about nailed that.  Well, at 87K I didn’t precisely nail it, but I hammertacked it, which is close enough and still sticks things to the wall.  After having to cut 15K from Book 1, I quothed the raven, Nevermore.

2. …

Okay, mostly I only did one thing better this time around.  But that’s a start, right? 

Stupid things I did on this draft that I have done before, much to my ongoing chagrin.

1. Start writing before I know the end. <br>I know myself well enough to not do this.  What is my problem?  If I don’t know the grand finale set piece, I can’t finish the damn book.  Don’t start what you can’t finish.  Duh.

2.  Start writing while still fuzzy on the character’s Beeg Sekwet.<br>That bullshit about “discovering your characters as you write” doesn’t work for me.  Stop trying to do that.  Duh.

3.  Start writing.<br>Don’t start writing.  Every time I do this, I end up with four chapters of throat clearing, navel gazing and general BS (backstory).  Don’t start writing; peel out writing.  The writing should be going at 4000 rpm before I drop the clutch.  Duh.

I like to think I am teachable.  I’ll let you know next time.


3 thoughts on “Done!

  1. Kermit dancing commences!! Big, super, whoop-whoop on coming in short. I have to admit — I think you can do anything, but I didn’t think you could do that. As for the rest, heck, you’ll get it in re-writes.


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