Traveling days

Spent the weekend at the Oregon Coast this weekend with one permutation of my XY’s family and had a great time despite the horizontal rain that turned the ocean to slate in motion.

We had dinner at The Drift Inn in Yachats.  I ordered the crab cakes with ginger sauce and I think they were the best I’ve ever eaten.  I just finished the leftovers for lunch today.  Yum.

A band was playing when we got there.  Coin of the Realm was ideal stormy beach music with a mix of wild and moody folk, strong on fiddle.   I wish I knew how to dance to that sort of music.   


The Drift Inn was so good, we went back there for breakfast the next day.  I can totally vouch for the homemade cinnamon roll.  It wasn’t just frosted, it was — appropriately enough — drowned in icing.

We stayed at The Yachats Inn.  But you have to picture this as much wetter and grayer.  And wetter.  With more gray.

Due to the crazy-ass winds that came through at 4 a.m. and some fool with a love of Pepsi and no lid on his recycle bin, we woke early — and often — to the sounds of pop cans doing a Coin of the Realm reel around the parking lot.  XY got up to squash them.  His affection for the amusing sounds of reeling pop cans is strained between the hours of 2 a.m. and 6 a.m.

The beach walking was limited there, although we rock hopped a bit with Monster Girl the Dog.  She got to eat a sea whip.  Which is NOT as yummy as crab cakes despite their similar watery environs.

We stopped by the McMinnville Food & Wine Classic at the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum where the Spruce Goose lives.  (This is not a picture of the Spruce Goose, obviously, since geese don’t have fangs.) 

I was designated driver so no wine for me, but I did have the awesome luck to find an artist who had a few pieces that felt like some of my stories.

Barton DeGraaf had several wonderful raven originals whose stories you could tell in your head.  I’ll be giving away a print of one of my favorties when SBS comes out in October.

Here’s a glimpse of Stuck 1 which — with its two companion paintings — would have fit perfectly in my office down one wall.  I contented myself with a couple blank cards to send to someone special.

Like my cover artist.

Yup, I have a cover.  (!)  But I can’t share it yet.  (?!)  Apparently we have to wait for the green light (and the correction of a missing word).  I’m desperate to have it tattooed to my forehead.  Soon.  Soon…

Hope y’all had a great weekend too.


2 thoughts on “Traveling days

  1. Ooohh… that is awesome. I can see the picture hanging in bad guy’s office. *Shiver* Love it! How much and what else did you buy? Your weekend sounds amazing… minus the cold, grey, wet, and pop cans.

  2. Jess- Pete and I had a wonderful week with the two of you!! We are looking forward to your visit to North Carolina in May and to many more trips out to Oregon. The weekend in on the coast was awesome despite the cold, grey wet. Love you much, Linda


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