Break a pencil

I have a lot of writerly friends, in all stages of traversing Storyworld, from Refusing the Call (yeah, that’s you, Betty — wanna fight?) and Approaching the Inmost Cave (getting their stories in front of editors and agents) to Return with the Elixir (multi-published bestsellerdom!).  But they all go through periods where they are launching a new phase and need some luck.

So I say “Good luck!”

Or “Fingers crossed for you.”  Or “Thinking good thoughts your way.”  And those are boring.

Over at Silk And Shadows this week, we’re talking about superstition.  The theater has their own good luck phrase since they think saying “good luck” brings bad performance.  “Break a leg!” manages to be violent, scary, and make no sense at all.  Which is cool.

Writing needs a “break a leg” good luck phrase.  My suggestions:

  • “Grind a phalange!”
  • “Soul’s blood to blank page!” (We could shorten it to “Blood to blank!”)
  • “May your manuscript be in New York three days before the Devil knows you typed The End!”
  • “We are the knights who say NY!”
  • “Goulash!” (Emphasizing the goo and luh sounds in good luck and subtly evoking the tough, independent souls of Hungarian grandmothers who throw anything in the refrigerator into a stewpot and call it dinner — much the same as novels are written.)

I’m sure there’s a great phrase out there.  Somewhere.

Hey, that’d be a good “good luck” phrase.

  • “Over the rainbow!”


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