Inspiration (or not) for the writing life

This is a glimpse into my writing life, the talisman I keep close. 


Feuerreifen (Firehoop)
By Gerhard Glück


My mom sent me this card with congratulatory notes from all my family when I sold my first book.  I have the card propped on my personal altar as a reminder, a guide, and a laugh.

What great detail is in this scene.  First, of course, is the performing snail herself, her shell boldly and gaily alight with stars.  Her tense and eager stance tells us she is ready to…

Yeah… Just what exactly is supposed to happen next?

From the billowing smoke, we can guess this moment has become a tad drawn out already.  The sparse crowd seems singularly unimpressed.

Evoking the snail’s undoubtedly torturous climb to her current perch, it’s taken me almost a million words final draft words to get this far.  If we prorate that… Er, never mind, let’s not; our inspiration would shrivel like a slug in the sun.  Suffice to say, there’s more to the perilous trick to come.

Book signings.  Blog tours.  Conferences.  Analysis of sales figures?  I imagine the flames.  But for the moment, I am here, as the snail contemplates.

I long to give her wings and see her shock them all.



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