Tahmoh-re inspiration


helo-3 Okay, I admit it.  I live much of my time under a rock shaped rather like a computer.  I rely on the kindness of strangers to tell me when there’s a hot guy I’m missing.

Still, I wasn’t convinced when I started watching Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse and heard all the drooling (Think you can’t heard drool?  You can when there’s this much.) over this Battlestar Galactica guy Tahmoh Penikett. 

And then, in last night’s episode, he took his shirt off.


Ohhh.  Now I get it.  That’s why everybody thinks he’s hot.  I need to trust more and get out from under my computer-rock more often.

And I think I have my hero for Book 3.  That jawline!  Happy sigh.

Meanwhile, who else am I missing?


One thought on “Tahmoh-re inspiration

  1. He is pretty awesome. My hubby watches the show for Eliza D., me for this guy & the action. Of course, hubby was a huge BSG fan, too, so he’s happy for any crossover of those actors.


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