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XY just got his first official review on his new album. 

Pop! Music said:

Each song is only comprised of vocals and guitar, but Arbogast’s unique and powerful voice that makes the album standout. Every track is charged with anger and passion, which is complemented by driving acoustic guitar arrangements. While this album is far from the normal image of alt-country or folk music, Arbogast has created a refreshingly different album that is worth a listen.

He’d be mortified to know I told, but we actually high ten’d over it.  Celebratory pizza’s on tap for this weekend.  Saving the caviar and Perrier-Jouet for the release party.


If you’re interested in supporting the arts (and — indirectly — my bucket o’cookie dough habit) the album is available at CDBaby and iTunes.

Or check out Rainstick Cowbell on MySpace for a gig schedule.  We’d love to see you out — especially since he’s supposed to debut a song inspired by SEDUCED BY SHADOWS!  Which I haven’t even heard yet.  Not that I’m pushy or anything.

(I’m saving pushy to make him take copies of my book on his European tour in the fall.)




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