My cover! Not April Fools!


Here he is, world — the bouncing baby boy.  Six-foot-plus of steely gaze and rippling abs.

I want that jacket.

Still trying to track down the name of the designer so I can thank him.  I’m thinking I’ll send him a six pack of something.  Seems appropriate.

SBS is avilable for preorder at Amazon.  If you should happen to wander over there and accidentally click buy, keep your receipt.  I’m planning a contest for preorders although the details haven’t quite come together.

To keep amanlybreast of upcoming events, please find me on Facebook, MySpace or Twitter.  Or, heck, all three.  Links are on the sidebar.

It’s finally starting to feel real. 

Sort of.

Or anyway, it’s a really awesome dream.


15 thoughts on “My cover! Not April Fools!

  1. Gorgeous! Oh, and the cover’s not bad either. 😉 No foolin’, you got a great cover. Congratulations!!

  2. OMG! You don’t need me to tell you what a great cover it is, so let me just say … WOW! Congrats on winning the book cover lottery. It’ll sell like hotcakes 🙂

  3. Oh My God, Jessa, that cover is GORGEOUS! Congratulations. I’d send the artist an entire case of something wonderful.

  4. Oh yeah! I’m going to have to have that! The book I mean, LOL.
    This cover is not going to hurt sales one bit!

  5. Thanks, guys. By the time we get this far, there are so many fingers in a writer’s pie (don’t be gross) that you just hope and pray they’re gentle with you. Or not gentle if you’re into that sort of thing. Whichever. Whoo. Is it hot in here?


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