Fear itself

For some reason, I’ve been seeing a lot of posts lately about fear.

Actually, it’s not “some reason.”  I know the universe is tweaking me (the universe and I have a passive-aggressive relationship) because I’m indulging in suffering sophomoritis, the fear that your second attempt won’t be as good as your first attempt.

This is not to be confused with the freshman fifteen, which is where you write 15% more on your first book than you should have.  But that’s another post.

Back to fear.  I’ve long avoided thinking of myself as a fearful person.  Instead, I call myself a perfectionist.  See?  I’m not afraid of doing poorly.  I just know I could do better.

Yeah, I realize it’s the same coin.


The longer the lion-tamer waits to step into the lion’s cage, the more dangerous it becomes to do so.

I’m butchering the quote, much as that lion dreams of butchering the tamer, but you get the idea. The clever part of the quote is that you can’t be sure where the danger comes from.  The lion?  I suspect not.  At least, no more than before.  No, the danger grows only in the mind of the reluctant lion-tamer.

I also like that my mangled requoting leaves ambiguous which part is becoming more dangerous: The stepping in?  Or the waiting?

It’s my mangled quote, so I think it’s the waiting that’s dangerous.

So step in.

You first.


4 thoughts on “Fear itself

  1. sophomoritis – no fear, it’s all in how you look at the word.
    sop homo rit is – or – soph o mor it is. Yeah that one’s better, mor it is…
    When all else fails, take a break and read a book.

    You can’t think about the first book, this is an entirely different kettle of kelp. The hero may wear the same jacket, but it’s a new story where the pins and needles get stuck in different eyes. Remember the talk about the author theme? That’s all that needs to gel with story one. Heroine strength/wound vs. hero wound/strength. Underlying story theme in one word. Good luck!

  2. Well, send some disgusted head shaking my way, ’cause I’ve got the same issue. It’s crazy because my logical side keeps smacking my emotional side, saying ‘get with the program’. And yet…the wimpy emotional side wins more than half the battles.


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