I love humanity*

If this isn’t a metaphor for the writing life…

This helpless little robot attempts to navigate NYC with just its primitive programming and the help of strangers. Set to trundle along at a set pace, in a straight line, the robot depends upon kind people to prop it up, give it a boost, and send it on its way when it encounters pot holes, curbs, park benches, and rejection letters.

Wait, that last part, not so much.

The project from Kacie Kinzer through the NY Tisch School of the Arts, is part art project, part communication studies, part psych experiment.

There’s a video of the ‘bots adventures and more pix of this and upcoming projects. Who can resist a smiling robot?


*Doesn’t everything have fine print these days? I sometimes love humanity. When it’s being humane. Other times, I just love my dog and wait for humanity to come around again. 



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