What’s in a query?

Agent Nathan Bransford hosted an “Agent For A Day” contest and posted the results this week. (Factoid: One of my fellow Rose City Romance Writers — Inara Scott — was a published author ringer.) If you’re a writer aspiring to be an author, I thought the most important take-away from the experiment was this line from Bransford:

A good concept and strong writing are more important than good query form.

This can be hard to remember.  In the quest — okay, in MY hopeless squandering of perfectly good time on the quest for impossible perfection, sometimes the focus on teh rulz gets in the way of a damn good story.

In the spirit of continual improvement (as opposed to perfection) I am hereby declaring the return of the adverb to my repertoire.


One thought on “What’s in a query?

  1. Strategically placed adverbs generates “voice” and the occasional adjective is what defines “style”. Once we have perfected teh rulz, we break them with success, in the peril our characters must achieve, if not, who’d want to cheer the antihero as he transforms?


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