Huh.  Overwhelm is a verb and an adjective, but not a noun, according to my dictionary.  Who knew?

But whatever. The overwhelm is getting to me, so I cannot be bothered with the viscioussitudes of language right now.  And yes, viscioussitudes is not correct either, but it’s when the vicissitudes of something are particularly painful.  Feel free to use it.  It certainly feels free to use us.

I haven’t yet progressed to that stage of overwhelm where I start dreaming of being late to  class.  And what is that about anyway?  Thanks to mild OCD and hopeless geekdom, I was late to a class exactly once in my entire scholastic history, and yet somehow that experience was burned into my neural pathways as a horror to be relived nightly whenever I get stressed.

Sometimes my stressed brain likes to switch it up a bit and make me late for airplanes in my dreams.  I have never been late for an airplane, so how it even knows what that would be like…  It added a t-rex once, which really took some of the pressure off the being late part.

Okay, I just squirted some allegedly relaxing eucalyptus & spearmint oil (aren’t those invigorating smells?) all over my desk.  I’m sure after I stop sneezing I’ll feel very relaxed.  Or just lightheaded, which is actually very similar to being relaxed. 

Anyway, in an effort to not start with the lame-brain, uninspired and yet still distressingly realistic dreams, I am going to undertake the following preventative measures:

1.  Consume more caffeine before bed. 
Perhaps this seems like a bad idea to any health practitioners in the audience, but if I can disrupt my brain now, it won’t be able to start with the dumb dreams.  So at least I will have been successful on that level.

2.  Triage my tasks.
I’ve been trying to make everything a top priority.  Some things just aren’t.  Um, as soon as I figure out who/what can be jettisoned like tertiary characters from an in-flight air disaster film, they’ll be the first to know.  On second thought, maybe I just won’t tell them; no sense stressing them out.

3.  Forgive myself.
Wow, that sounds as dumb as a t-rex fitting in my grade school hallway.  But this morning I found myself singing a song from a kids’ show from back in the day:  “Oops, I made a mistake, that’s all. Mistakes can happen to anyone.”  I hadn’t actually made a mistake, so this seems like a very ominous sign. 

Here’s the episode.  (Is there nothing that can’t be found on YouTube?)

Apparently this was Chicago local programming?  I could’ve been one of those kids, tube socks and all.  Heck, I could still be one of those kids since, sadly, my fashion sense hasn’t matured at all.  Not that that’s one of the overwhelms dogging me.

Ah well.  Whiny kids are annoying, and whiny adults are worse.  So…

4.  Suck it up.



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