Geek moment

I haven’t seen the new Star Trek movie yet.  I’m waiting until I can be assured a decent seat. And until XY does something heinous enough to force him to go with me out of suitably crippling guilt. I’m not sure how bad it would have to be to get him to go to another sci-fi fantasy movie with me (I’ve had a bad string, what with those last three Star Wars, Narnia, Hellboy, Iron Man… the list goes on) but it would probably have to involve copious weeping on my part.

Anyway, in honor of Star Trek, I wanted to share this geeky thing I just learned.

It’s the Konami Code.


Doesn’t it even sound cool?  I mean, cool if you’re a geek, which I’m assuming most of us are, even if I’m a geek who’s not cool enough to have already heard of the Konami Code.  Apparently, it’s a keyboard shortcut developed back in the 80’s to allow game developers to bypass all the pesky, time-consuming amassing of lives and ammo and ships and magic spells and whatnot.  Punch in the code and the game immediately powered you up to full capacity.

Real life needs this, desperately.


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