I still love vampires

To satisfy your bloodlust between Twilight movies…

Jeri Smith-Ready

I read the first book in the rock’n’roll vamps series, WICKED GAME, last year (mostly because the cover caught my attention — I’m easy that way) and loved it.  The premise is great; since vampires experience “temporal adhesion,” meaning they can’t let go of their own timeperiods, they make awesome DJs for each era.  And who wouldn’t fall in love with Shane, a Kurt Cobain-esque rocker, even if his body temp is slightly lower than average?

Ciara, the ex-con-woman/station marketing whiz, has a smart mouth and a lot of problems, mostly with keeping herself and the people she cares about alive.  Or undead, as the case may be. 

I’m really digging how Ciara’s unsavory past gives her unique “anti-holy” powers of her own.  As if foiling a plot to destroy the vampires and the radio station wasn’t difficult enough, Ciara and Shane are also facing the challenges of their deepening relationship.  Always tricky when “What do you want for dinner?” becomes “Who do you want for dinner?”

Book 3 will be out next year, along with a new YA series, Generation Ghost.

Adrian Phoenix

I tried this one off a recommendation in a Goodreads thread, and wow.  The vamp/Goth rocker (hmm, do I sense a theme?)/godling hero Dante is… wow. 

My favorite part is the underlying mythology of Makers.  Yahweh was the last one, if that gives you a sense of what kind of powers we’re dealing with here.  The bad guys are really bad, and the good guys are… questionable.  Heather, the cop heroine, is thrown into a reality where she has to redefine good and evil if she wants to help shape the man who will shape the world.

Book 2 IN THE BLOOD is out now with Book 3 in 2010.

Patricia Briggs

Have I been living under a freakin’ bridge?  I didn’t know about Patricia Briggs.  Luckily, someone threw me a bone.  Or in this case the title BONE CROSSED. 

Okay, technically, it’s a werewolf not a vampire story, although there are vampires in it.  I’m hoping for a future spinoff of Stefan, who sooo deserves some happiness.

Mercy, the coyote-shifting heroine, is a trip.  She has a line about the joys of chasing chickens and the downsides of getting your backside full of farmer’s buckshot that made me go put her first three stories on order.  She gets into way worse trouble than that though. 

Authors are just mean that way. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “I still love vampires

  1. I have Bad to the Bone in my TBR stack. LOVE Briggs’ stuff. Haven’t tried Adrian Phoenix yet but will try to hunt it down, which will probably require a trip to Forbidden Planet in London ’cause I don’t think normal bookstores carry much urban fantasy over here.


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