My day job is trying to kill me

What’s sooo sad about the situation is, I’m self-employed which means I’m apparently trying to kill myself.  It’s Friday now, so I need to come up with a defensive plan before Monday.  I need to fight back.  Or escape.  Or something.

Possible scenarios include:

1. Quitting.

Downsides: I like to eat. And buckets o’ cookie dough aren’t free.

2. Not take the day job so seriously.

Unlikely.  I’m a recovering Type A personality.  I can’t not do a good job.  Plus, the aforementioned liking to eat.  Self-employed people who don’t do a good job don’t get cookie dough.

3. Work smarter; not harder.

Bwa-ha.  I hate that line.  Seriously, I hate that line.

4. How I learned to stop worrying and love the stress.

Similar to number 2 (and by number 2, I mean number 2) except that I will continue to do my usual good job and just be okay with dreaming about retouching photos but accidentally forgetting to take out the person who insisted on following me around while I was taking the pictures and standing in the reflection of all the mirrors. I could learn to love that.  Really.

5. Write faster and sell more books so I can number 1.

This deserves the same response as number 3.

6. Just curl up in a ball and weep.

This seems most probable.

I’ve read so many articles on balancing a vocation and an avocation.  They all talk about getting your priorities straight.  Like I don’t know what I want to do.  Slap.  I know exactly what I want to do.  I just don’t have enough hours to do it all.

Yes, yes.  I do, apparently, have time to whine.

Okay, new plan of attack for Monday. Make a list.  Those self-help articles are big on lists.  Clearly I have a soft spot for them anyway.  Things on day job list must stay at day job.  The list will start with my new plan of attack for Monday…

Ack, temporal loop!  It’s not my day job trying to kill me; it’s Nero, who has inexplicably waited all this time with his finger up his nose, plotting (in the loosest sense of the word) my demise.  Oh well, at least that time traveling has given me more hours to get things done.



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