1,000,000 words!

That’s about how many final draft words I had to write before I got The Call.  And apparently, today, June 10th, 2009 at 10:22 am (Stratford-on Avon Time), the English language finally caught up with me.

Technically, I did repeat a bunch of words (can I count the and teh as two separate words?) and apparently, some linguists think the Global Language Monitor is a bunch of hype, but I love the concept of somebody out there counting words as they become part of our vocabulary.

Their computer program blah blah said “Web 2.0” because the millionth word in the English language, beating out slumdog and noob for the honor. 

A new word is added every 98 minutes, and words are only accepted after they’ve appeared 25,000 times.  The site list some up-and-coming words like quendy-trendy that may soon appear on a tongue near you.

According to the site, in Shakespeare’s time, English held fewer than 100,000 words, and the Bard himself coined 1700 of them.  I’m so far behind!  If you’re a wordy (like a foodie, but with words — hey, does that count toward my coining?) go check it out.


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