In praise of chest hair*

*Disclaimer: I’m not talking bath mat here, just the natural result of testosterone-induced secondary sex characteristics.

Funny how the stars align…

chest 0So recently Smart Bitches had a Friday Video from Gillette (which was apparently not a joke?) on “How to Shave Your Groin.”  And then a few days ago, I read a MSNBC news article about Larry Ramos Gomez, a circus performer called Wolfboy, who suffers from hypertrichosis (which means, not surprisingly, too much hair) and who may soon be suffering from a new reality TV show to help him find a mate. 

(He needs to read a few paranormal romances.  Not because of the Wolfboy part, but because all men could stand to read more romances.  But I digress.  )

In a strange coincidence, Book 2 of The Marked Souls — tentatively titled FORGED OF SHADOWS — is going to cover conference next week.  Yeah, I know, quivers of excitement.   

Quivering makes me think of antennae, which is kind of like chest hair…  Now you see the alignment of events.

Th topic of chest hair waxes (ha) and wanes on romance-themed blogs, with the majority of respondents sliding smoothly into the no-thanks camp when it comes to too much extra hair on a hero. 

  • Flowing manly locks +
  • Mustache —
  • Beard —
  • Stubble +
  • Dignified arrow of tidy hairs pointing to the love shaft +
  • Back hair nothxkby

This is called manscaping, and writers and cover artists as well as metrosexuals are required to comply.  And from what little Photoshopping experience I have, I suppose realistically depicting hair is harder than ruthlessly depilitating it.  Still…

So chest hair can be done tastily… tastefully. And for exhibit last…

chest 2

From his damp, dazed, disarranged expression, I’d say someone tried to wrestle Wolverine into the tub to shave his chest and he was having none of it. My hero.


3 thoughts on “In praise of chest hair*

  1. I love chest hair. My husband is quite hairy and though he hates, I love it. The hairlessness of men in romance novels unnerves me a bit. It reminds me of the little boys I used to dream about back in my Tigerbeat days.


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