The garden is growing well. Actually, it’s out of control. That happens about 15 minutes after I stand back from spring weeding and say “How pretty.”

The front beds are dedicated mostly to blooming plants although this year we’re trying a couple melons up there. We haven’t had much luck with melons in the past because the growing season just isn’t quite long enough. But last year, a volunteer canteloupe did so well — it was sooo close to being sweet — that we decided to try again, with a little more intent and a little more heat.

But the flowers rules up front.  Especially the bank of everblooming roses right along the sidewalk.  They are glorious. They bloom from late March until Novemberish, and ask nothing from me. Their only tragedy; they have no scent. Not even the faintest hint of pollen.

People walking by stop to literally smell the roses, and get nothing. I always want to run out and apologize. I hope the lavender hedge sort of makes up for it.

Speaking of abundance…


I recently received a big ol’ box of bookmarks.  How delightful.  I’ve stuck one in pretty much every book I own and still have a ton. Or thirty pounds anyway. Let me know if you want one; I have an ungainly number of out-of-date stamps I can use to send them.

I imagine the next box will be ARCs.  Maybe Merry Christmas in July!


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