Seduced by wallpaper

Yeah, I admit it, so I was goofing off at the day job.  As an enthusiastic but half-assed designer, my favorite effects are fade-outs, soft edges and random lens flares.  I couldn’t figure out the freakin’ light source on Archer here, so I gave up on the lens flares for this project.  Sigh.  I am considered dangerous but probably not deadly with Adobe products.


Want some of Archer’s rippling abs for your computer screen?  Here are the links to images:

For 4:3 monitors:

Widescreen version:

I won’t tell you how many calls I sent to voice mail while I worked on this.


One thought on “Seduced by wallpaper

  1. Archer must have a light source on those rippling abs that haven’t been seduced by the shadows, from his jacket, that have obviously blocked the light on his face. Thanks for pointing this out, I was required to stare at him for a long time. Great way to spend my time. 🙂


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