Why I read

(Crossposted from Rose City Romance Writers)

Once upon a time…

I love those words. They launch me in ways and to places few other words can. The promise embedded in those words makes me ignore family members, eschew sleep, even — gasp! — sign off Twitter.

It’s not just that a good book takes me away from real life. I actually like real life quite fine. But I find reading a good book is like looking out at bright sun on the ocean. The world seems so vast and sparkling that even when I look down again, that perspective, those sparkles, stay in my eyes, changing the way I see the world at my feet.

Once upon a time…

Those words are also why I write.

I haven’t quite launched into the wide open ocean yet. In fact, I’m still sort of floundering around with water wings. But I have my maps and a compass that points… Well, anyway, I have maps. I’m eager to walk new shores, meet the natives (who hopefully go easy on the spears), maybe unearth some treasure. I imagine I’ll get lost a time or two, maybe sail off an edge occasionally. It happens to all of us.

And it makes a better story, you know. Which is why I write.

Once upon a time…


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