Sweets from my sweetie

Tragically, no pix because I ate it all, but in celebration of finishing Book 2, my XY brought me a cake, double chocolate of course, with pink frosting that said… Wait, I’m tearing up:

You have
Jessa Slade

It’s from a quote I use all the time from Dorothy Parker: “I hate to write. I love having written.”  Isn’t it sweet that XY remembered?  Yes, yes, there’s should’ve been a comma after written (I guess I’m still in revision mode) but the thought totally counted.

And when I think some more, “You have written Jessa Slade” actually works.  Because that is what I’m doing when I write.  I’m writing the story, sure, but I’m writing myself into being as well.

Does that seem sad and pretentious?  Yeah.  But no more so than quoting Dorothy Parker.  And it’s hard to be sad or pretentious when you have consumed an entire double chocolate cake in three days.

Happy 4th of July, everybody!

2 thoughts on “Sweets from my sweetie

  1. Nothing sad and pretentious about this! You absolutely are writing yourself into being, which means you don’t have to sit back and ponder the issue of “know thyself” since you are your creation. Lucky you – having an XY with a brain as well as a heart. He’s probably got abs and other accessible parts of his anatomy that increase his attractiveness. 🙂

  2. Congratulations, I am so proud and happy to have you as a member of our family. Your XY is a very lucky man and he knows it!!!


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