More conference follow-up

One of the best parts of RWA conferences, whether it’s the huge national gathering or the smaller regional events, is all the amazing people.  What a supportive, fun and clever group.  Why, here’s some of them now.

Michelle Buonfiglio of the new Barnes & Noble romance blog, Heart to Heart, and, hosted a breakfast of writers and industry folk.  Her recap of her conference is online here.

She mentions her fan-grrl encounters, and I have to share a few of my own.

JR Ward was sooo nice. She sold out of her books right before me but took a long minute to chat. Also, she swore like a card-carrying member of the BDB during her workshop, which gave me the giggles.

I did the dolphin squee on Jenna Black and she hardly laughed at me at all. She even came back later to give me a “Don’t Bother Me I’m Reading” pin.

I already have all of Melissa Marr’s books, but when I went to her signing to say hi, she gave me a bracelet for my niece.

Jeri Smith-Ready gave me a hug after I stopped gushing about her books! I mean, I would’ve rather had a hug from her hero Shane, but…

There were a bunch more, of course: Jeaniene Frost who wished me a happy birthday; Jessica Andersen who signed a giveaway for Silk And Shadows; C.L. Wilson, Angie Fox, Jade Lee (who wears awesome clothes!); many debut authors and new authors whose books aren’t out yet who shared their excitement…  Man, I want to be them when I grow up.



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