It’s my party and I’ll sweat if I want to

Today is my birthday!  And it’s 100 degrees here!

I know for folks living in, say, the Sahara or sometimes Chicago, 100 degrees is piffling.  But for the Pacific Northwest, home of banana slugs, myriad mold spores and writers like me, hot is weird.  We (the writers, not the slugs) stand around and say “whoo” a lot.  Then we look at each other and say “hot enough for ya?”  And then we melt.

To celebrate my birthday and the crazy heat, I’m giving away an Advanced Reading Copy of SEDUCED BY SHADOWS.  Since the story is set in Chicago in November, it bears no relation to the weather around me at the moment, but whatever.  At least the hero is hot.

Leave a comment about the best birthday present you ever — or never — received (my XY could always use some suggestions, especially considering his idea for this year was fixing the kitchen sink — no lie!) and will choose a winner.

Happy birthday to me!


8 thoughts on “It’s my party and I’ll sweat if I want to

  1. My birthday is in who knows what is in store. For birthday’s past, last year a got a really great camera that use a lot. I was pretty excited about that. My husband and I have the exact same birthday so it is usually group type gifts we get.

  2. Hi Jessa! My best Birthday present was going to see Wicked! I just loved that show! My ring tone is defying gravity! You really should see it and get the CD, the music was fantastic!

  3. My hubby and I have known each other since we were 13. Over the years he’s gotten me many presents but the one I remember was when we were 14 (my 14th birthday) he came to my house with a rainbow and irridescent colored unicorn plushy, and a bunch of cartnations and roses. And he took me to the Valentines dance at our school. Mind you the boy hates to dance but he knew I loved it. From that day on (the last 25 years) he was my best friend and he always puts me first.

  4. Happy Birthday!

    The best present I’m going to get (when I win the lottery) is an all expenses paid (by me – cause I won the lottery) roundtrip around the world.

    To be honest, I can’t really remember any particular birthday gifts. Not that they aren’t appreciated (all are, which makes it even harder to pick a favorite one), but I think I’m already at the age where all the birthdays sort of blur together.

  5. Among other things, my husband bought me a writer’s thesaurus (I forget the name of it (it’s at home; I’m in the uk). Not only is it the best thesaurus I’ve come across, but it means so much to me that he believes in me and is supportive of my writing.

    Oh, and he bought me pens. lol I know that sounds lame, too, but I have this thing for pens that glide like silk across the page.

    I am SO low maintenance. 😉

  6. Happy birthday, Jessa!!

    I think the birthday present that meant the most was when hubby threw a real surprise birthday for me. I didn’t think he had it in him to hunt down my friends, plan a menu and do it all in total secrecy. I was shocked, but very impressed.

    I hope you have a wonderful birthday.

  7. Hi Jessa,

    I hope you had a Happy Birthday. Look on the bright side, a fixed sink is a good thing. So your hubby can also do the dishes for a month as an additional birthday splash. 😉

    Sadly, I’m sitting here and I can’t remember any birthday present standing out. So I’ll have to go with never had: A month long trip to Europe. I’ve always wanted to take the grand tour of Europe during the spring time. Just thinking about it makes my happy.

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