My favorite writing contest

Rose City Romance Writers: Golden Rose Writing Contest

The deadline for the 2009 Golden Rose contest has been extended until August 8.  If you’ve been thinking about entering a writing contest, this is a good one.  And I say that not just because it’s my chapter or because I found my editor through this contest, but because we give good feedback and have great final round judges:

  • Long Contemporary Series, Wanda Ottewell, Senior Editor, Harlequin
  • Short Contemporary Series, Melissa Jeglinski, Agent from The Knight Agency
  • Single Title Contemporary, Megan McKeever, Assistant Editor, Pocket Books
  • Historical   Esi Sogah, Assistant Editor, Avon for the Historical category
  • Novel with Strong Romantic Elements, Andrea Hurst Literary, Management
  • Paranormal/Futuristic, Alissa Davis, Dorchester
  • Romantic Suspense, Leis Pederson, Assistant Editor, Berkley Publishing Group
  • Young Adult, Andrea Somberg, Agent, Harvey Klinger, Inc.

More info including sample score sheets at


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