Good news!

We sold the next two books in the Marked Souls series!  My editor (who needs a snazzy nickname) called my agent (also in need of a snazzy nickname) to offer yesterday (wait, was it just yesterday?!) and by the end of the day it was a mostly done deal with just a few pesky loose ends to wrap up.  (Hey, no book in a series ends without a few untidy loose ends.)

That means I’m booked (har) through 2011 with my wild-eyed warriors and their repentant demons.

The schedule, as it now stands:
SEDUCED BY SHADOWS          October 6, 2009
FORGED OF SHADOWS             May 2010
VOWED IN SHADOWS               (tentative) Early 2011
SURRENDER TO SHADOWS    (tentative) Fall 2011

Oh, the trouble ahead (with and without parentheticals)…. What fun!


And on the wings of my giddy joy and gratitude, I send up to the great creative force (which also needs a snazzy nickname) this wish too: That the story may be worthy.

Time to go get it on the page.

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