No, not as in sent back to the nice young men in their nice white coats (and I’m not talking about the cabana boys in togas).  I’m recommitting to these pages.

I looked ahead at the schedule of things to come and screamed in horror.  There’s no way, short of wormhole time travel, I can get everything done I want to do.  (Yes, yes, welcome to life.  I know.)  It would be so easy to drop a few things.

This isn’t going to be one of them.

Not because anybody cares but me, but because I made a commitment to this.  It’s always so easy to drop a few things.  But it’s equally easy to pick them up again.  I need to just pick them up every day. 

I’m going to move this to a morning schedule and see what that does for me.  I was following a recent thread about finding time to write and a solid majority of the respondents said they have to write in the morning, before the day drains their energy and creativity.  I hate mornings…  No, that’s not true, I love mornings for sitting on the back porch reading.  But I hate mornings for work.  Still, I want to try to give some morning hours to writing; might as well be this.

Can experiments performed on yourself, with full disclosure, still be unethical?

2 thoughts on “Recommitted

  1. Unethical experiments can be the most fun – go for it – and the full disclosure keeps you accountable to yourself.

    Good luck with the morning pages. It’s good to write in different styles, at different times of the day. Maybe it will be the key to unlock the wormhole to your creative space. We don’t want you to overload in stress and tension.

    I do blog posts at night, when I’m in detox mode – with wine. It’s my release. Recognize why and how these pages benefit you, for their flavor or freedom.

  2. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I quite enjoy reading your blog, so I for one would be upset if you did drop it. I know you said you won’t, but I just thought I’d let you know. =]


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