Publishes Weekly review!

Along with a solid recap of the story, Publishers Weekly had this to say about SEDUCED BY SHADOWS:

Slade’s debut presents a dark and dense supernatural conflict with high stakes… [A] rich crossover urban fantasy.”

Dark.  Dense.  Rich.  Sounds like my favorite desserts 🙂 

AND it just so happens I’m out of cookie dough, so I think this calls for a celebratory trip to the restaurant supply store for 8 lbs of sweet, sweet chocolate reward.


4 thoughts on “Publishes Weekly review!

  1. Oh, congratulations Jessa! I found your blog on the FF&P website and Seduced by Shadows sounds like just the kind of story I like. (I think it might even share a little mythology with my current WIP!) 🙂

    It’s on my list to read already! Dark, dense, and rich are some of my favorite book (and dessert!) adjectives too!!

  2. Thanks, Natalie and Annette. I’m excited. (And somewhat obsessively watching my Google Alerts for more reviews.)

    Hi, Marnee. Thanks for stopping by. I’ll tell Webdiva Liz that the FF&P blog list is working exactly as it’s supposed to 🙂 I love how common mythology (angels, demons, heaven, hell, things that go bump in the night) can expand and twist to encompass so many stories. Ah, the power of imagination and words!


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