An ahhh and an argh

This morning, the sun has slanted in such a way that the back porch no longer gets sunlight for my breakfast.  Argh!  But I stayed home from work today (I don’t have a car for the day — how often do brakes and rotors need to be changed anyway? — and I’m too chicken to bicycle on the busy roads) so I’m going to have a brunch on the back porch when the sun moves farther along. 

One of the few — okay, only — perks of being self-employed (the dangers being poverty, poverty and poverty) is the ability to NOT go to work one day.  Yes, this increases the risk of poverty, poverty and poverty, but I will get more of my other work done, my writing work. 

And I get a little taste of what it’ll be like, maybe, someday, when I can write full time.  That’s my dream.  That’s the ahhh.

Now, off to write.



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