Hot lovin’

As I’m finishing up revisions on Book 2, I’m wondering, why do love scenes lend themselves to words and images of heat?  Scorching kisses, “she’s hot,” or the Kings of Leon with their “Sex on Fire.” 

Ouch.  But it works.  We all instinctively relate to that imagery.  Is it because sexual arousal increases blood flow so we feel warm? 

Or maybe it’s because a love scene is meant to arouse all the senses, so we evoke sight, hearing, smell, and taste, but the skin — our largest organ and oh-so vital to a love scene — really only feels four senations: Hot, cold, pressure and pain.  Even the tongue gets more input than that.

Unless you’re writing a BDSM scene, pain is kind of out except for fleeting moments.  So is cold, once the nipples are suitable perky.  Pressure… yeah, you can use that, but I bet you it’s a hot pressure.

Striving to be too original in a love scene can lead to all sorts of silliness.  I remember author Carolyn Zane telling us in a workshop once that she staged certain scenes with Barbie and Ken to make sure she hadn’t written in more than the agreed upon number of limbs.  But you start staging with Barbie, Ken and a burning candle, and you got budding sociopath written all over you.

Although, sometimes I think if I have anything written including budding sociopath, I’m giving myself a gold star.

If anybody can suggest a hot love scene that doesn’t involve lots of asbestos, can you please post in comments?  I want to expand beyond rising higher of fires of desire.


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